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Sint-Sebastiaanstraat 14

Rue Saint-Sébastien 14

1630 Linkebeek

avec - met - with - mit

GC de moelie


Fondation Roi Baudouin

Koning Boudewijnstichting

What can you do with a seat whose legs are failing off?

A toaster that no longer works?

Or a woollen pullover full of holes?


Throw it away? Surely not! Bring it along to the Repair Café so we can fix it together.

That is what the Repair Café is all about : costless meetings where the focus lies on fixing things together.

Things can be used for a longer time rather than being throw away.

This is a way of fighting against pointless overconsumption.

When ?

Once a month (see below), sunday between 14 and 18h :

(no session in July, August and December)


2023 : 21/05 25/06